Putnam lab goes to Cleveland and Hania runs a half marathon

In an effort to experience Sarah’s eccentric midwestern roots firsthand and cultivate lab bonding, Putnam lab PhD students and post docs took a road trip to the beautiful city of Cleveland “Mistake on the Lake,” OH. Despite best efforts by the Baltimore Orioles, the Cleveland Indians won 10 to 0 with Shane Bieber pitching an outstanding career first complete game. Also, Hania ran a speedy half marathon PR of 1:56!



Putnam lab welcomes new post doc!

Putnam lab is excited to welcome a new post doc, Zhexun (Jason) Sun! Jason completed his PhD in 2018 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where he worked with Prof. David Putnam in Biomedical Engineering. In his short time among us, we are confident that Jason will make an excellent addition to the Putnam lab, based on his extensive knowledge of biomaterial synthesis and outstanding performance as a laboratory safety officer. In his free time, Jason enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and wine tasting. Welcome, Jason!

Putnam lab students off to PhD programs!

Beatrice Awasthi (M.Eng Biomedical Engineering, 2018) will enter the Biological and Biomedical Sciences PhD program at Harvard University this fall.

Hannah Childs (B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2018) will enter the Biomedical Engineering PhD program at Columbia University this fall. She will complete her PhD work in the lab of Helen Lu.

Aditya Misra (B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2017) will enter the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences Technology program towards a PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics this fall.


Undergraduates expand scientific experiences over summer

Putnam Lab undergraduates are doing exciting things this summer!

Aditya completes his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering this spring. He is then heading to MIT’s Institute for Medical Engineering and Science.
Saie will be interning at Procter and Gamble.
Hannah will be taking part in the University of Pennsylvania  Student Scholars Program.
Ashley will be completing research at the NIH.